It’s been a very long week and exhausting week and through it all, my mental health managed to be back on track . If you have followed my recent post. https://yosiblog.com.ng/2020/10/21/living-in-fear-life-update/

I’m very sure you will understand what I’m talking about.

I’ve decided to ask few of my friends the hardest part of being Nigerian.

Nigeria /naɪˈdʒɪə.ɹɪə/Noun

A Country in West Africa, south of the country of Niger. Official name: Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ayomide Ogunsiakan

I told my friend i was writing this and he said, “Hmmm. There’s the hardest part? I thought it was the whole experience.”
And I couldn’t agree more.

As a Nigerian, you should always have second options because life (read government) comes at you fast, with what you once considered a grand master plan being ruined by policies made to frustrate the lives of citizens.
You are constantly faced with the risk of death either by SARS or the terrible roads in the country, and I’m honestly being generous by limiting it to these two.
As a Nigerian you are surrounded by people who constantly romanticise suffering, such that you are made to feel undeserving if things are relatively easy for you. You are tagged as disrespectfulRead more

It is currently 1am as I write this post with tears in my eyes. Yes , we are all living in fear in Nigeria right now. No one knows who is next or what might happen next. Each time, I want to give up—i remember Jimoh Isiaq and many others we don’t every know of that their lives have been cut short by police brutality. Nigeria needs your prayers and we need to win this fight!

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Today’s post will be a little longer and different—so grab that bottle of water no soda! Yes, I said what I said;-) you might be needing popcorn, a biscuit or two and get comfy in that chair or bed.

In today’s post I share things we are all guilty of.

We are guilty of being so called up to the things of this world, ruining, striving, toiling so hard to achieve things that don’t just matter or do they? think about it and we neglect the most important thing of all which is our relationship with God.

I guess it is the world that we live in that affect us, the moment you were born, everyone keeps pushing you to do more, be more—right from the time we were just that little baby being forced to crawl before everyone else and take that first step before everyone till you are put in school, where everyone expects you be at the top of the class, and Read more

Things we are all guilty of